This week is Big Energy Saving Week 2020 and REAP are holding various drop in sessions to offer free and impartial energy advice at the REAP Office in Keith, Moray Citizens Advice Bureau in Elgin and at a pop up café in Burghead.




For tips on how you can save energy, click here.

Hill of Towie Community Benefit Funding applications

The latest round of funding is now open, thanks to Hill of Towie wind farm developer, RES. 

Applications from constituted groups in the fund area of benefit are welcome and the next closing date is Thursday 12th March. Applicants must meet at least one of the fund aims, which are:

  • to improve the social and community life within of the area of benefit
  • to safeguard and improve the natural environment and promote its proper use

If you’ve never applied for funding before and need some help, or if you just want to check your plans or projects are eligible, please contact REAP for an informal chat. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the application process or how to fill in forms. You’ll find all the paperwork you need on the downloads page and paper copies are also available, just ask. 

Area of benefit map

The Hill of Towie Community Benefit Fund Area of Benefit

The area of benefit encompasses the parishes of Botriphnie (around Drummuir), Boharm (around Mulben) and Keith and Newmill. 

Festive Opening Times – and Waste Less this Christmas!

REAP would like to wish everyone a great festive season. Our offices in Mid Street will be closed from Thursday 19th December at 3pm until 9.30am on Monday 6th January. To help reduce waste this Xmas, have a look at our fun guide to less waste at this time of year. Best wishes to all!

Save waste at Christmas – All the joy without the guilt!

Did you know that across the UK at this festive time of year:

  • 6 million Christmas trees end up in landfill;
  • 2 million dinners are scraped into the bin;
  • Enough gravy is chucked to fill an Olympic swimming pool;
  • Enough tin foil is used to almost cover Perthshire;
  • 300,00 tonnes of card packaging gets used and often not recycled
  • 9 million slices of turkey (= 263,000 turkeys) get binned.

Wow!! But worry ye not – we can all do our bit for the planet without making it a Scrooge-like Christmas, in fact having more fun and getting creative. Here are some wee ideas that all the family can get stuck into!


  • Keep and use leftovers – turkey samosas, mince pie ice cream or trifle, Christmas dinner pie, Christmas pudding crumble and Brussels sprout soup are just a few of many ideas! Check out these links:
  • Freeze leftovers – gravy into ice cube trays for future stews etc.; you can even freeze cream if you whip it first.
  • Cook less meat and veg but better quality (e.g. organic, local) – you’ll spend the same but get more goodness for you and the planet.
  • Brush don’t peel your veg (lots of nutrients are in the skin) or if you do, make veggie crisps from the peel!
  • Make sure food waste goes in your brown bin so it doesn’t go to landfill ; or better still compost it – contact us for help with this.

Presents and decorations

  • Make presents – show your love by making your own biscuits, jams and chutneys (reusing jars too) or craft There’s loads of recipes and ideas online. The personal touch goes down a storm!
  • Pre-loved presents loads of barely used second-hand gadgets and kitchenware are out there online – save your wallet and
  • Reduce packaging – look for presents with less packaging and with no non-recyclable packaging (e.g. polystyrene inserts)
  • Or buy someone an experience, whether it’s gin tasting, theatre tickets, whale spotting or a massage.
  • Unwanted gifts why not sell or donate something that’s sat unused in your cupboard from last Christmas
  • Wrapping paper – scrunch it and see – if it unfolds when you open your hand it can’t recycled. Avoid glittery and metallic paper
  • DIY wrapping – have fun reusing your favourite magazines and comic books or even funny newspaper Use ribbon or string rather than sticky tape. Reuse gift bags and boxes.
  • Cards – make your own , buy cards made from recycled paper, or send e-cards – especially your own design with a lovely photo
  • Christmas crackers – 40 million get pulled and go straight in the bin, with non-recyclable plastic toys and glittery Do we really need them? Or search for retailers (e.g. John Lewis ) with greener ones.
  • DIY decorations – get creative! Look online for ideas like bunting from old Xmas cards or baubles from old light bulbs, and natural decorations rock! Deck the halls with boughs of holly…and ivy, mistletoe and pine Make a wee tree from twigs and decorate with orange slices. Let your imagination run riot! Check out Pinterest
  • Keep reusing decorations and artificial trees as they can’t be recycled. There are loads of second-hand bargains on eBay etc
  • Recycle – your real Christmas tree (or buy a pot one) and batteries as well as the cans, bottles, wrapping, cards and packaging!

More Ideas!!

Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund generates more local grant funds

The Hill of Towie Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund has awarded almost £50,000 of funding for local projects and groups in the Keith area. The latest round of funding saw 10 local organisations boosted by grant awards totalling £44,585.02

Applications must benefit community/social life or the natural environment of Boharm, Botriphnie, or Keith and as usual, applications covered diverse projects and plans. This round featured funding for a defibrillator, health & wellbeing sessions, Christmas lights and summer flowers, as well as other improvements to community spaces.

One of the beneficiaries of this funding round is the Loft Youth Project in Keith, who received money for sessional youth worker time. Their application made a strong case for the social benefit of investing in young people

Project Manager Sharon Duncan said, “We are over the moon to receive this much needed additional funding. The services we provide are in greater demand than ever. They range from running small groups for young people who need some intensive support, to transition groups that have proved to be very effective in helping primary seven pupils with the move to secondary school. Being able to fund extra staff hours will help us meet all these needs and continue to invest in our local young people.”

Beneficiaries for this round of funding were:
Mulben Picnic Committee – £7,920 to remove a derelict building from the playpark site
Keith 50+ Group – £500 for health and wellbeing outings and activities
Drummuir & Botriphnie Community Trust – £17,428.38 to level and resurface the hall car park and £900 towards plants and additional planters for ‘Drummuir in Bloom’
Rrrrallye Team – £344.00 towards venue hire for their annual Fun Day and Car Show
Keith in Flower – £3,700.00 for additional planters for ‘Keeping Keith in Flower’
Boharm Public Hall – £1,866.99 for a 24/7 public access defibrillator at the hall
Keith Golf Club – £3,750.00 for a rough cutting roller mower
The Loft Youth Project – £6,012.51 for additional sessional staff
Keith Community Council Christmas Lights Committee – £2,163.14 to refurbish lights

The Hill of Towie Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund was set up by RES, operator of the 21-turbine site near Drummuir, to support groups and projects that benefit Boharm, Botriphnie and Keith. Since it was established in 2012, the fund has awarded 148 grants totalling £ 637,395.

The deadline for the next round of funding is Thursday 12th March. The Decision Making Panel is always keen to hear from new applicants. You can talk through ideas and check eligibility, with the friendly staff at REAP. Get in touch by calling 01542 888 070 or emailing Fund application forms and guidance notes are available for download on the REAP website and paper copies are available on request.

Energy Advice drop in sessions

Jenni from REAP is out and about the next few weeks. She’ll be on the Information Bus in Elgin and at 2 Quarriers Carers’ Cafes – one in Elgin, one in Forres. Details are on the Events page or you can keep up with us on Facebook

We can offer free and impartial energy advice to households in Moray- from understanding your bills, checking you’re on the best deal, help with your heating controls, energy saving at home and advising you about any grants and loans.


Hill of Towie Community Benefit Fund Deadline

The next deadline for applications the Hill of Towie Community Benefit Fund is Thursday 10th October. (previous applicants please not the change of day from Friday).

Application forms are available on the Downloads page and hard copies are available in the REAP office or can be posted out on request.

We’re always happy to hear from new applicants so if you want to check if your group and idea are eligible, please contact REAP for an informal chat. We can help talk you through the application form and process.

The Hill of Towie Community Benefit Fund is made available to the community by the developer RES.

Energy Champions at KCR.FM

Jenni, our Energy Champions worker spoke with John from Keith Community Radio in June about her project. Click the link below to listen in as she explains what it’s all about, gives out some top energy saving (and money saving!) tips. If you’d like to learn more and be able to help friends, family or neighbours save some energy advice, we’re offering free training and support to become an Energy Champion.

If Championing others is not for you, you can get free and impartial advice on beating your bills and saving money from our Energy Advice Moray team. Find out more on the energy pages of our website.

We think Jenni did brilliantly on her first broadcast and we thank our friends at Keith Community Radio for the opportunity and their ongoing support. We are also grateful to our funders, without whom this would not be possible.

Funding can put a spring in your step!

Spring 2019 has got off to a great start for 14 local community groups and organisations who have shared over £121,000 of grant funding in April and May. The Hill of Towie Community Benefit Fund and Edintore Community Benefit fund are made available by developers RES and Edintore Wind Farm Limited. Applications providing social and or environmental benefit to the fund areas are welcomed.

The next deadline for the Hill of Towie Community Benefit Fund is Thursday 10th October and the next Edintore deadline will be in early 2020. If you are looking for funding, you’ll find details of the fund aims and application forms on the Community Grants page. Grant applications can be submitted at any time before the deadline.

If you have any questions or are new to applying for funding, please get in touch for an informal chat. REAP will check your application form for completeness ahead of application deadlines and we always urge applicants not to leave it until the last minute. 

Both funds aim to provide social and/or environmental benefit. Full criteria and eligibility are in the guidance notes. You can also read our ‘Top Tips’ advice on what makes a good application. Each fund has an area of benefit. The Hill of Towie Community Benefit Fund covers Keith, Newmill and the parishes of Boharm and Botriphnie. Applicants must be based in this area. The Edintore Wind Farm has a primary area of benefit of a 5 mile radius of the wind farm, and a secondary area benefit outside this area. Priority is given to applications benefiting people in the primary area of benefit.

Hill of Towie Community Benefit Fund Area of Benefit

Edintore Community Benefit Fund Area of Benefit









The list of successful applicants for the 3rd round of Edintore Grant funding and the 14th Round of Hill of Towie funding is as follows:

Edintore Community Benefit Fund

  • Keith Roller Bladers & Skaters was awarded £7,780 towards the final stage of refurbishing the skate park
  • Dufftown Royal British Legion was awarded £20,000 towards the costs of refurbishing the toilets
  • Keith Royal British Legion was awarded £7,000 towards the costs of refurbishing toilets
  • Keith Golf Club was awarded £10,000 for a replacement mower    
  • Strathisla Pipe Band was awarded £5,000 towards the costs of a Massed Pipe Band even to celebrate their Centenary
  • Keith Trefoil Guild was awarded £700 for a laptop and projector     
  • Longmore Hall was awarded £15,000 towards costs of upgrading the hall

The Hill of Towie Community Benefit Fund

  • Keith Royal British Legion was awarded £7,000 towards the costs of refurbishing the toilets
  • Drummuir & Botriphnie Community Trust was awarded £7,551.54 to resurface the hall car park and £1,716.99 to purchase and install a defibrillator
  • Drummuir 21 was awarded £700 for a St Fumac Statue
  • Boharm Public Hall was awarded £17,742 to replace the hall railings and gates
  • Sunshine Developmental Playgroup was awarded £200 for being seen out and about
  • Keith Country Dance Club was awarded £200.00 to help with running costs
  • The Loft Youth Project was awarded £997.50 for an Awards Group
  • Keith Country Show was awarded £10,000 towards the costs of phase 2 of power distribution phase throughout the show ground
  • Longmore Hall was awarded £10,000.00 towards the costs of upgrading the stage

Energy Advice

REAP is currently running the ENERGY ADVICE MORAY project offering free energy advice to households across Moray. This work is funded by Moray Council through their HEEPS scheme (Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland). We’re sending invitations to households that have had improvements under the scheme offering free and impartial advice, but anyone who lives in Moray may be eligible for advice. This may be extended to a home visit if necessary.
Please call us on 01542 888070 or email and one of our trained Energy Advisers will get back to you. This service is currently funded to the end of March 2018, but REAP is urgently seeking funding to extend this beyond March, especially to those who are spending a large percentage of their income on heating their home – defined as being in ‘fuel poverty’.

Wind Farm Community Benefit Funds

Deadlines for the next funding rounds for the Hill of Towie and Edintore Community Benefit funds have been set. Please not that applications can be received at any time before the deadline and applicants are urged not to leave it to the last minute. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Support is available to complete applications if needed and you are welcome to discuss your application and check eligibility with REAP staff before applying.

Edintore Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund closing date for applications is Friday 15th March 2019
Hill of Towie Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund closing date for applications is Friday 5th April 2019

Details of the criteria and aims of each fund, the areas of benefit each fund covers, and application forms and guidance notes are available on the Downloads page. Paper copies are available from the REAP office.