Composting is a bit of an obsession here and we’d love it if you love it like we do. It’s great for the environment, your pocket and your garden. It’s easy to get started and make your own valuable garden nutrients. See our guide to get you going. It’s on the downloads page along with lots of other handouts, or watch our composting videos.

Here are some links to find out ‘heaps’ more about composting at home or in the community or your school.

Different types of composters – links to retailer websites

Green Johannas (suitable for home composting or for a school or group thinking about setting up a system)

Watch the videos below for a quick review (in Doric if ye wint) and see the links for more information.

Here’s another great video from a Climate Challenge Funded project, South Seeds in Glasgow. Here they show how to make a communal composting bay step by step.