Hill of Towie Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

The community fund for Hill of Towie Wind Farm has been available since the commissioning of the wind farm in spring 2012. More than £80,000 per annum is now available to the local community in and around Drummuir, Keith & Mulben. RES (Renewable Energy Systems) the developer, provides the community benefit fund, REAP administers the fund, and a decision-making panel of local community representatives assesses grant applications and allocates the funds.

To be eligible for the Hill of Towie Wind Farm Community Grant Scheme groups or organisations must:

  • be properly constituted and have a bank account in the organisation’s name
  • operate mainly in the area of benefit – please see the map

The next closing date deadline for applications is Friday 5th April 2019.
The Decision Making Meeting is held 5-6 weeks after the deadline

Applications can be accepted at any time of year at the REAP office and you are advised to submit applications in good time in case there are any followup questions or supporting evidence you need to provide. Support is available to help you complete your application if needed so please feel free to contact REAP if you need more information before submitting your application. Previous applicants please note the guidance has been updated and all applicants are required to supply 2 competitive, written quotes where possible, not only for equipment or refurbishment.

Decision Making meetings take place between 4-6 weeks after the application deadline and all applicants will be informed by email if their application has been successful or unsuccessful.

For application guidelines for both the Small Grants (projects under £1,000) and the Main Grants (projects over £1,000) see the Application Guidelines

Click here for a step-by-step guide to the application process

Click here for our top tips on completing a funding application. 

Click here for a Word version of the Short Grant Application Form (under £1000).

Click here for a PDF version of the Short Grant Application Form (under £1000).

Click here for a Word version of the Main Grant Application Form (for £1000 and over).

Click here for a PDF version of the Main Application Grant Form (for £1000 and over).

For any more information please ring 01542 888070 or e-mail info@reapscotland.org.uk

Click here for the 2017 Annual Report for round 9 & 10 on funding with examples of successful applications.

Click here for the 2016 Annual Report (round 7 & 8) on funding with examples of successful applications. You can see reports from other successful applicants here.

Click here for the Aims and Objectives of the Hill of Towie Community Benefit Fund



Successful applicants can now request a certificate as below. Please get in touch with the REAP office if you would like one.

HoT award certificate