Hill of Towie Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

The community fund for Hill of Towie Wind Farm has been available since the commissioning of the wind farm in spring 2012. More than £90,000 per annum is now available to the local community in and around Drummuir, Keith & Mulben. RES (Renewable Energy Systems) the developer, provides the community benefit fund, REAP administers the fund, and a decision-making panel of local community representatives assesses grant applications and allocates the funds.


The latest round of funding was allocated in April 2020.
The date for the next round of funding will be announced in due course and application forms will be available then.
The coronavirus pandemic may delay the usual grant timetable and/or the format and criteria for applications.
Please check back regularly or email info@reapscotland.org.uk if you would like an email notification about the next round of funding.

Recent applicants should be reassured that a sympathetic and flexible approach will be taken to any delays or changes that may be required as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Please get in touch with REAP to discuss in the first instance.