Switching Energy Supplier

Switching  can save money on your heating bills. We can take a look at your heating bills and do a switching comparison either online or over the phone in your home if you’d like some help. We are impartial so do not recommend one supplier over another and all our energy advice services are free. With a limited number of tariffs on offer, the energy market is a bit clearer and information on your bills makes it easier to compare providers so there’s never been an easier time to switch. Switching is free, should take no more than 21 days, and there will be no disruption to your supply. Find out more about the switching guarantee here.

Switching Online

If you’d like to switch online yourself, use an Ofgem accredited switching company – they adhere to a code of conduct and will tell you about all the tariffs they have available, not just the ones that they get paid commission on. You’ll find a link to a list on this page of the Ofgem website.

Switching by phone

If you’d prefer to switch by phone, you may want to switch with Citrus Energy in Ayrshire. Have your energy bills to hand and after a 10 minute call on a freephone number, their energy advisers will find the best tariff for you. They can help you switch and will keep an eye on your tariff afterwards to make sure you’re still on the best deal. They also factor in Warm Home Discount* and the kind of service you’ll get from providers so you can make an informed decision. You can contact them directly. Call 0800 221 8089 to find out more or go to the Citrus Switch website.

Things you might want to ask when switching:

  • What is the tariff rate? Is there a standing charge and how much? (or what is the tariff comparison rate which takes both of these into account)
  • Is the rate fixed or variable? If it’s fixed, will it stay fixed or will it come down if energy prices come down?
  • What are the terms of the contract? How long is it for? Is there an exit fee if I leave early?
  • How can I pay my bill – by post, online, by phone?
  • Are there any discounts – for direct debit, paperless billing, for dual fuel?
  • Are there any other incentives? e.g. cashback or boiler cover included
  • If you’ve had any problems in the past, you may also want to check what happens if you can’t pay – does the company offer payment holidays or will it come to an agreement with you or does it offer a budget or flexi scheme to help smooth out energy costs over the year.

*Switching and the Warm Home Discount (WHD) – if you are entitled to the WHD (a £140 rebate on your bill if you are in receipt of Pension Credit guarantee element or certain other benefits), you need to have been a customer of your energy supplier for at least 6 months so it’s a good idea to switch soon after receiving your WHD payment.

Page last updated 9th July 2019