Energy Advice Home Visits

Energy Benefits Moray is funded by Comic Relief and provides FREE and IMPARTIAL energy saving advice and support to people of all ages in Moray. Our friendly advisers can help by phone, email but sometimes a home visit might be the best way to tackle problems. Some of the things we can help with are:

  • advice on energy efficiency grants or loans you may be eligible for
  • contacting your energy supplier about your bills or tariff on your behalf
  • checking the depth of your loft insulation
  • help with using your heating controls
  • help with switching supplier – see our page on switching too
  • energy saving tips and advice
  • finding further help with fuel debts

If you need a home visit, we’ll book it at a day and time to suit you. We always send 2 of our friendly and helpful energy advisers on home visits. They will have photo ID badges and will introduce themselves and see how they can help. We will never charge for anything, all our time and advice is free for anyone in Moray and we will never try to sell you anything. All our work is funded by Comic Relief so we can provide it free of charge.

There’s no such thing as a typical home visit but one the most common things we do are go through bills and explain them, check if you could be on a better tariff with your supplier or see if you want to look into changing suppliers. If your heating bills are too high for you to manage, we can see if there are any simple solutions – we can check the depth and completeness of your loft insulation, advise about draught proofing and supply some foam draught excluder strips, check heating timers and advise you on how to use them, and see if there are any easy energy saving measures that could help cut bills.

If you are worried about debt, we can phone your energy supplier with you . You might agree an affordable payment plan or consider applying for financial help to clear the debt. We can also let you know about other sources of support such as Citizens Advice Bureau and Moray Money Advice.

If you’re looking to applying for an energy efficiency grant, we can help you gather the information you might need for eligibility checks and we can phone Home Energy Scotland, the body that administers energy efficiency grants and loans with you. We can look up the energy efficiency of your boiler, tracking down heating control manuals, go through your home’s Energy Performance Certificate with you.