DIY Draught Excluder

snake draught excluder imageWe have been given a knitting pattern (available from our downloads page) from our friends at tsiMoray, so you can knit your own draught excluding snake. I thought a draught excluder would be handy, but I’m no knitter. And rather than buy one, I thought I’d make one using materials which I would otherwise just chuck away.

What I used

A pair of old trousers,

Polyester filling from an old pillow. You could also use scrunched-up newspaper, plastic bags, cut up old clothes etc.,

Needle, some thread, and a pair of scissors,

Step 1: Cut the leg off the trousers and turn it inside-out.

Step 2: Stitch one end of the leg closed.

Step 3: Turn the leg inside-out again.

Step 4: Tear of fluffy handfuls of polyester filling and stuff the leg. Doing this caused a fair bit of mess and polyester fibers flying around.

Step 5: Stitch up the open end…

                                                                                                                                   …and that’s it.

It doesn’t look fancy (certainly not as fancy as our knitted snakes) but it does the job. I could have used a nicely patterned, rectangular piece of fabric – made into a tube – but that would involve more stitching. But since I’m as good a stitcher as I am a knitter, I thought this method was a good compromise.