Help to Heat: Subsidised/free gas connections

Help to Heat: Subsidised/free gas connections

Qualifying households can significantly reduce the cost of getting a gas connection through SGN (formerly Scotia Gas Networks). Qualifying households within the network area will likely have the full cost of connection covered. SGN manages the gas network throughout Scotland and in the south of England.

The household must have arrangements in place to install a gas central heating system following connection.

Qualifying criteria are one of:

  • living in one of the top 20% most deprived areas within SGN areas
  • in receipt of certain benefits
  • living in fuel poverty based on the current government criteria

For more information or to find out if you qualify, please contact Agility Eco on 0800 015 5174 or click on  They are a partner of SGN and will let you know if you qualify and progress your application. They will also look at additional energy saving measures for your home and advise on additional support you might be entitled to.

There is also an online eligibility checker on this page on SGN’s website.

Page updated 18/06/2019